Womens Magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearl Bracelet, Black Evil Eyes Beads

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Brand: Accents Kingdom ®
SKU: bmh064-7.5
: Magnetic Hematite, Black Evil Eyes and Clear Austrian Crystal Roundels Beads.

Enclosure: Stretchable Band
Finish: Gun Metal Black
Size: 2/5" (Round Bead: 10mm)
Length: 7.5"
Surface Gauss: Approx. 600 Gauss


Accents Kingdom ® introduces women's magnetic hematite trendy bracelet. This shiny black gun metal looking beaded bracelet is accented with black evil eyes round beads and clear Austrian crystal roundels. it is eye-catching wherever it appears. Each gunmetal black magnetic hematite bead is charged with powerful 600-700 Gauss magnetic power. The bracelet measures 7.5" long and 2/5" wide(10mm) with a strong stretch strap and very comfortable to wear.


About Evil Eyes:

The evil eye is a "Luck Charm" believed to "reflect evil" and thereby "protect the wearer" against misfortune and from bad things happening in one’s life.  The evil eye is a shield against various forms of bad luck that is willed onto you by others. It helps to keep your life in balance, protects you from “bad karma” and ill-will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general.