Men's 8mm Cobalt Chrome Dome Ring, Laser Engraved Celtic Knot

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Material: Cobalt Chrome
Style: Comfort Fit
Finish:Laser Engraved Celtic Knot
Size: 8-12 introduces a beautiful piece of cobalt chrome jewelry that offers a common profile: unparalleled strength and beauty.

This utterly unique piece of cobalt chrome jewelry is elegant and simple defined. It features intricate celtic Knot pattern design and style of comfort fit. It was made by Cobalt Chrome with Cobalt Chrome stamped on inner ring. The ring measures 8mm in width. It is in excellent condition and suitable for both men and women!

About Cobalt Chrome:
Cobalt Chrome Rings are made from a unique alloy blend that consists of cobalt and other substances to offer a bright white alternative metal. It is as white as platinum, hypoallergenic, shatterproof and highly scratch resistant. Cobalt rings will not chip or crack.