Women's Magnetic Hematite Round Beads Bracelet 7.5''

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Brand: Accents Kingdom ®
: Magnetic Hematite

Enclosure: Stretchable Strap
Finish: Gun Metal Polished Black
Width: 8 mm
Length: 7.5"
Surface Gauss: Approx 600-700 Gauss(Each Magnet)



Accents Kingdom ® introduces a women's magnetic hematite bracelet. This shiny metallic looking beaded bracelet is eye-catching wherever it appears. Each gunmetal black magnetic hematite bead (8 mm) is a power magnet and has 600-700 Gauss magnetic power. The bracelet measures 7.5" long with a strong stretch strap and very comfortable to wear. Great unique gift idea for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day or just any occasions!



Health benefits of Magnetic Bracelet:

One of the earliest records of humans using the healing qualities of magnets comes from the 111 Century B.C., when the great Aristotle documented his findings on the healing effects of magnets. The fascination with magnets continued into the 1600's when William Gilbert, Queen Elizabeth's doctor, wrote an entire book devoted to the qualities of magnets. Centuries have since passed, but the belief some have in the healing powers of magnets remains...