Titanium Men's Magnetic Cross Link Golf Bracelet T38

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Material: Premium CP2 Grade Titanium
Magnetic Material: 8 Neodymium Magnets
Enclosure: Fold Over Clasp
Finish: Polished Cross and Matte Links.
Surface Gauss: Approx 1200 Gauss(Each Magnet)

Polarity: North Pole(-)
Width: 1/2''


Accents Kingdom introduces an inspiring titanium magnetic cross sign bracelet. A great way to show your passion and faith. Magnetic energy has been trusted to relieve pain and promote healing for thousands of years. The wonders of this power are harnessed by this truly unique magnetic bracelet precisely engineered from premium CP2 grade TITANIUM with TITANIUM stamped and embedded with 8 pcs of 1200+ Gauss Power(Each Magnet) permanent north facing magnets. Professional athletes look to magnetic therapy to increase energy, relieve pain and improve circulation. It measures 1/2 " wide. It also comes with a very nice velvet hard cover gift box. Truly a great upscale gift item choice for this holiday season!!!



About Titanium:


Titanium exhibits a high strength to weight ratio. Pure titanium is stronger than steel yet nearly 50% lighter. When added to various alloys, its hardness, toughness and tensile strength can be increased dramatically. Titanium is immune to corrosive attacks by saltwater and marine atmosphere, and exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of corrosive gases, acids and alkalis. Immune to microbiologically influenced corrosion, Titanium is physiologically inert and hypoallergenic.