Men's 9 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead Magnetic Hematite Necklace 20"B

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Brand: Accents Kingdom ®
SKU: nmh055
: Magnetic Hematite and 9 Eye Tibetan Dzi Agate Bead

Enclosure: Strong Magnetic Clasp
Finish: Gun Metal Polished Black
Size: Round Bead (6mm) W, Dzi Bead(38mm x 13mm x13mm)
Surface Gauss: Approx 60-700 Gauss(Each Magnet)
Color: Gun Metal Black


Accents Kingdom ® introduces a stylish amulet magnetic hematite necklace, the piece is set with magnetic hematite round beads(6mm) and a 9 Eye Tibetan Dzi agate bead(38mm x 13mm x13mm) with a strong black magnetic clasp enclosure which will hold this fabulous piece in style. Each magnetic hematite Round bead is charged up to Approx. 600-700 Gauss magnetic power. It measures 20" in length and 1/4" in width(Round bead: 6mm). It comes with a nice silver pouch.


Tibetan Dzi Beads and Agate


Dzi beads are considered to be very auspicious. They are originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains. The word "Dzi" translated from Tibetan means "shine, brightness, clearness, and splendor". Dzi beads are supernatural gemstone talismans that treasure magical powers and they are considered to be powerful protection amulets in Feng Shui.

Dzi beads come in various sizes and shapes, a specific number of circles seems to be the central design for the Dzi bead. As most Dzi beads are classified by the number of eyes/circles they contain. The most favored bead is usually the nine-eyed one, it is the symbol of The Nine Planets and it includes the activity of the Universe as well as the wisdom of the humanity. The most desired Dzi beads are made from agate and have a weathered look.

Wearing nine-eye DZI Beads helps people expand compassion and wisdom, obtain ability, enhance power and purify negative energy.