Introducing a wellness life style of Health and Beauty in One with Magnetic Jewelry

Posted by accentskingdom on 22nd Feb 2015

Introducing a wellness life style of Health and Beauty in One with Magnetic Jewelry

At, we created a new concept of Health and Beauty In One with magnetic jewelry dated back in 2004 in order to enhance overall well being of wearing a jewelry item. First of all, it is a jewelry, a form of personal adornment and a form of artistic expression. It inherited traditional aesthetic value by wearing a jewelry item that people like to enjoy the art, beauty and taste of it. By nature, beauty and health are closely related, so, adding health elements to the traditional jewelry items is truly an evolutionary creation.

While magnet therapy may just now be gaining more widespread use and popularity in the United States and elsewhere, the use of magnetic energy for healing dates back thousands of years. One of the earliest records of humans using the healing qualities of magnets comes from the 111 Century B.C., when the great Aristotle documented his findings on the healing effects of magnets. The fascination with magnets continued into the 1600's when William Gilbert, Queen Elizabeth's doctor, wrote an entire book devoted to the qualities of magnets. Centuries have since passed, but the belief some have in the healing powers of magnets remains...

Many of the unique jewelry lines designed and created by Accents Kingdom carry these inspiring ideas by paying a lot attention to details of art form, culture, nature and selection of magnetic material. So, we can bring in beauty and health all together to our customers through these value added jewelry items to embrace a wellness life style.

As always, you can depend on with total confidence to find these Health and Beauty in One magnetic bracelet, titanium magnetic bracelet, copper magnetic bangles, magnetic rings as well as titanium necklaces from our magnetic jewelry online catalog for performance in sports and new styles in daily activities at an affordable price.